MTPHA Communicable Disease Web App

Crafted For: Michigan Thumb Public Health Alliance

Created an intuitive web app to increase Southeast Michigan Health Departments’ collaboration in controlling communicable diseases.

Discover / Background

How Might We?

  • Create a shared knowledge of communicable diseases in the region?
  • Document specific disease information and easily share it amongst health departments and hospitals?
  • Document and share the most effective treatments with doctors and healthcare professionals?


  • Create a software application that can be used by health departments, hospitals, and doctors.
  • Make it easy for disease information to be updated and shared.



Discover / Empathy

We met with representatives from MTPHA both on the technology side and the healthcare side to pinpoint their exact needs. They shared the paper format of what a standing order looked like so we could turn that into a digital replica.

We created a journey map with different personas to understand how each user would be making their way through the website and what their exact needs were. From these exercises, we knew we needed a virtual way to update and access information easily and it needed to be consistent across four counties.

Throughout this phase, prototypes were demoed and feedback was given to us to continue to iterate and improve the site.


Draft / UI Design

We created a simplistic design, nothing over-complicated. MTPHA requested that it be easy to use and easy to train others how to use it. They required it to be intuitive and easy to update.

We ran through a typical sprint cycle with iterative designs and review with clients at the end of the week. We would gather feedback and repeat.

Delivery / Development

As we moved into development, we used the prototype as a blueprint. Logistically the prototype didn’t work – therefore changes were made throughout to achieve goals but also keep budget in mind.

Disrupt / Results

With the new MTPHA interface – it makes searching for and entering information much easier. It takes something that was paper-based and made it digital. This website makes it easier for four counties to connect and provide information to each other in a systematic way.

As part of the process, we conducted a User Acceptance Testing Workshop with stakeholders to go through the website together. Identified were items that were working, not working, or difficult to understand. The CIL team was able to fix and update the project so we released a finished and tested product. This way we ensured a stamp of approval and a smooth transition from us to the MTPHA group.