A Mobile Solution for Kleensight

Crafted For: Kleensight

We developed a mobile app for the Kleensight Nozzle Camera where the user could easily view and upload videos for sharing.

Discover / Background

Problem: Engineers using the Kleensight Nozzle Camera were taking their computers with them to view and upload videos. This made the process of sharing videos cumbersome and inefficient.

The Goal: To make it easier and efficient for the engineers cleaning the drains to take and share video content with city inspection crews.

The Innovation Opportunity: To create a mobile app that made it easier for the engineers to access, view, and share the cleaning videos with inspection crews to help pinpoint areas where any repairs were needed.

Discover / Empathy

We conducted Stakeholder Interviews to understand the needs and requirements for the Kleensight mobile app.

CIL put together a Customer Journey Map to visualize the process for the customer and to pinpoint what functionalities would be needed in order to make the app successful.

Draft / Wireframing

We produced a highly-interactive high fidelity prototype that we were able to test with users, make any changes, and then move forward into development.

Delivery / Interface Design

  • Xamarin

Delivery / Development

The Kleensight App was written with Xamarin to produce both an Android and iOS app. The Kleensight tunneling camera had its own wifi connection. The app could connect to it and then the camera would record a video as it tunneled through pipes, sewers, etc. The video would stream to the app. Users could then save the videos for later and watch them at their leisure.
  • Xamarin

Disrupt / Results

With the Kleensight camera it allows the city to inspect sewer lines in a few years instead of 30+.

Makes the sewer cleaning and inspection teams much more efficient and effective and saves the city time, energy, and money.

The app makes it much easier for the cleaning crew to flag problematic areas in the sewer lines and send it through to the inspection department. Before this process was very manual with SD cards being sent through the mail. However, this streamlined app allows for videos to be sent quickly over email.