A Better Sales Solution for Aal Chem

Crafted For: Aal Chem

Aal Chem is a chemical distributor in Grand Rapids – delivering top tier chemicals in an innovative approach to meet customer’s needs.

How Might We Digitize Aal Chem's products?


Finding products and placing orders was difficult on Aal Chem’s website. Aal Chem was also realizing the constraints of their current sales process. Therefore,  CIL needed to digitize the catalog and modernize the sales process to attract a new digital customer.

The Goal:

Increase Aal Chem’s quarterly sales volume and efficiency in targeted industries. How can we make it easier to order from Aal Chem?

Innovation Opportunity:

To digitize Aal Chem’s product catalog to make it easier for the customer to search for a chemical, learn about it and get quotes for the products they need. CIL helped elevate the digital consumer experience.

Discover / Research

CIL conducted an Ideation Workshop to learn all about Aal Chem. We needed to understand who would use the website and what features would be important.

Story mapping sessions were facilitated to configure the layout and features of the website. Additionally, we did some digging to understand who would be using this new and improved digital catalog.

We found that the targeted consumer would prefer access to all the information online and would require a much shorter sales process.

We also learned that, similar to a B2C e-commerce site, that images and information were essential. Therefore, we would need images to elevate the user experience.

Draft / Prototyping

As we created the prototype we liked the idea of creating an e-commerce solution where you can look up any product. We were very specific about product images and drew icons to make it look more like a store.

We focused on truly understanding the products and finding the best way to display them. We implemented product pages and product categories for a better user experience. It was really important for the customer to find the information they required quickly and easily.



Delivery / Custom UI Design

We developed a custom UI Design for mobile, tablet and web.

We created an entire UI kit for Aal Chem to use on the website and in any future projects.

We included custom illustrations to serve as product placeholders to give the site a more e-commerce feel.

  • Heroku
  • PostgreSQL
  • Node.js
  • Next.js

Delivery / Development

We integrated our development with their ERP system, Chempax. It was a custom integration so we were able to build it in a way to work seamlessly with their sales software. It hooks up to the system they use for product cataloging, indexing, sales, ordering, etc. The data seamlessly fits into that.



As we rolled out the new site we trained all the employees on how to use and utilize the new system.

  • Increased sales volume by 10%
  • More efficient sales process – sell more product with fewer salespeople
  • An easier and more enjoyable ordering experience