About CIL

Our Innovative Culture

People are our greatest asset. Our team is passionate about community and passionate about people. We’re humans, first. 

City Innovation Labs:

Core Values​

1. Faith And People First

Number one thing we practice - to radically love anyone that comes into contact with our business, whether that is employees, vendors or clients.

2. Lead Like A Shepherd

Make sure we’re leading others by giving them the tools they need to succeed. This goes beyond just respect, it means we get to know people and genuinely care for them and put their needs above our own.

3. Humility And Intelligence

We can all learn from one another and we all have something to share.

4. Build And Collaborate With Empathy

We’re a team. We build and create as a team and we share each others successes and failures. We always make sure to build each other up and help each other as needed.

5. Treat Everything As Your Own

We treat every project we work on as our own. We make sure we give it the respect it deserves to do it well and do it right. Each team member gives the utmost care to every single task they do.

6. Passionate And Purposeful Growth

Do we love learning or what? Growth is equally essential for employees as it is for the business. We make sure we seek out ways to be better through education or even team learnings. If we’re all pursuing to be better, we make the team better by default.

7. Can Do Can't Lose Attitude

There is nothing we can’t do. We know if we put our minds to it we can achieve it. If we don’t know the answer, we ask questions and we learn. We constantly strive to help our team be the best and that includes helping out in areas that may not be our personal “role.”

8. Be Proactive Honest And Transparent

Integrity is important to our clients and to our employees. We’re accountable for what we do. We will always honest and transparent in our work and in our communication. That’s just who we are.

9. Work Hard But Have Fun And Be Yourself

We work super hard, but we all have lives outside of work too. Our team takes time to celebrate work wins, but also life wins. We know that your outside-of-work life is as important if not more important than your in-work life. We’re here to celebrate it all with you.

10. Experiment and Throw Bad Ideas At The Wall

Just what it says. No idea is a bad idea, we want to hear them all. It only takes one small idea to shift things in a different and more exciting direction!

Team Members

Josh Barker


Brad Hammond


Kayla Kramer


Kalie Perry

Finance & Project Management

Andrey Romanyuk


Nora Bylsma

Human Resources & Project Management

Dan Williams


Bill Covert


Erin Srebinski