City Innovation Lab's Process

We’re here to listen, brainstorm, and iterate to turn your idea into a product that will disrupt your industry. 



Helping you facilitate Design Thinking activities to better understand your end-user and the problems that are worth solving. We’ll give you guidance on how to create a prototype that validates the idea or solves the problem.


Working with a Lean Startup mentality - we help you create a working prototype that can bring those ideas to life. This is shared among end-users to iterate quickly and receive feedback in preparation for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).


We build an MVP using true Agile Software Development techniques to quickly get a working product in the hands of end-users for further feedback and iteration.



We’re not done! We continue to work with you to set up an innovation strategy (and practice!) to help cultivate innovation within your organization. The result is a list of high-ROI opportunities to be further validated with your target market.

An Innovation Partnership Requires Mutual Trust and Collaboration

Let’s learn about each other. This is a time to ask questions and see if working together is a good fit for us both. We’ll set up consulting meetings and innovation workshops to discover what ideas you have and how we can help.

We’ll help you refine your idea and put a plan in motion for a small and focused initial project.


Pre-Project Consulting

The discovery phase is where we learn all about you. We uncover all your wants, needs and essentials for your digital project. There is also opportunity for an Innovation Workshop.

An initial project will be identified.


Initial Project

Where research and brainstorming come to fruition into an initial project – this includes a fixed budget and backlogged priority list. The highest priority items are identified and completed first. This project is the first step to establishing City Innovation Labs as a trusted partner and resource.


Innovation Partnership

We want to work with you for the long haul. We want to help you continually innovate, iterate and move fast in your industry. This is a continual investment and we want to be involved and we’ll work with you to be your trusted innovation partner.